The Forks Museum serves as a vibrant hub where individuals from across the state, country, and globe converge, sharing fascinating stories and experiences. It’s a place where cultural exchange thrives, fostering connections and highlighting the commonalities that unite us. Alongside preserving logging history and local heritage, the museum encourages active participation from visitors, inviting them to contribute their own stories and assist with ongoing research. Whether it’s developing a new hobby, refining existing skills, or sharing special talents, there are ample opportunities for engagement. From preserving old newspapers and photographs to creating new displays, the museum offers diverse projects to match varied interests, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience for all involved.

Be Part of the Fun!

Would you like to develop a new hobby or refine skills that you already possess? We always need assistance with preserving and researching old newspapers, maintaining and improving our photographs, participating in the parade, creating new displays, or telling the story of the very things that you are most interested in. Bring your skills and interests and we’ll match fascinating and fun projects to keep you involved throughout the year!

Do you have a special skill that you would be willing to share with people? Music, storytelling, checkers champion, wood carver? This just might be the perfect venue to do so. Click images below to view them larger.